Boosting Business Performance

Improving Competitiveness

Increasing Corporate Value

1471902861_vector_65_01adscendum stands for consulting projects, whose realizations under the observance of the underlying professional standards for consulting services, yield a measureable economic success in form of an increased value of your business.

1471905611_vector_65_02adscendum develops specific solution strategies and targeted procedure programs that pursue the definite goal of enhancing the financial outlook, operational performance and competitive advantage of your enterprise.

1471902906_vector_65_11adscendum provides project management services within the business administration scope- controlling, reporting, liquidity management, management of restructuring projects, and implementation of cost-cutting processes. Further, the company delivers professional solutions for M&A processes and business succession issues.

adscendum invigorates your sales performance! Our service scope includes the implementation of effective business development and CRM processes and well-structured installation and optimization of internal and external distribution processes as well as deployment and realization of powerful sales volume boosting programs


adscendum serves mainly the small- and medium-sized, industrially active enterprises (SME) that are oftentimes seeking a qualified, practice-oriented business administration professional ready to provide solutions to complex and challenging problems at a fair deal and based on a result.

adscendum offers a wide scope of consulting services under consulting and agency agreements while providing project and interim management services at the same time. As the SEViX Group’s corporate partner, ascendum accommodates larger projects by facilitating solutions as a consulting team.